SUNBEAM Standard 100 Watt



Sunbeam System solar panels are made from US built solar cells with final assembly in Sweden resulting in a well engineered and built solar solution. The panels are built with SUNPOWER wafers which hold the world record for the amount of power produced from the smallest area.

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STANDARD Flexible Solar Panel

With the core of SUNBEAMsystem advantages.

SUNBEAMsystem offers a wide range of specialized flexible solar panel models but for general usage the standard model will do the job ahead of the competitors.

SUNBEAMsystem panels are not only smaller but also lighter.

Clean design and a high finish. White color behind dark cells with no visible internal wires.

All panels are made to endure tough marine environments with quality down to the detail.

  • Flexible 60o/m
  • 3mm Thin
  • Light weight
  • Walkable
Article# Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Weight Size (in)
SP100 100W 21.6V 5.97A 17.6V 5.62A 4 lbs 41.7 x 21.3

SP100 is not intended for temporary use or on top of canvas. We recommend the SP50QF or SP50

For permanent fitting use the stainless steel grommets or preferably use a flexible glue like Sikaflex-291. Some glue along the outer edge is usually sufficient for a permanent bond.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 22 × .3 in