Elco EP-4000


Go Green With Elco Boat Motors

Go completely off the grid and choose a solar or wind generator for battery charging. Or choose a small diesel-powered generator set. Elco will work with you on the option that best serves your needs.

Elco Electric Inboard Boat Motors’ Advanced Technologies

The Elco electric drive system is well-engineered utilizing advanced technologies for reliable and outstanding performance. It is built from more than a century of experience that only Elco can claim. When deciding which is the correct size electric inboard motor for your boating needs, there are a number of considerations, such as where you take your boat out, and if your boat is heavy for its size and length. For example, do you go boating in areas with strong tides and currents? If so, factor the need for more power and select from among Elco’s next higher sized inboard electric boat motors.

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Boat size ranges 32′ – 48′
Horse power diesel equivalency 40 h.p.
Suggested horsepower replacement range 25 – 45 h.p.
Peak kW 29.4 kW
Continuous kW 17 kW
Miles per gallon equivalency 30 mpg
Length 29″
Width 18.82″
Height 18.83″
Weight 400 lbs


Cruising speed* 6 – 8 knots
Cruising time* 5 – 2 hours
Cruising range* 30 – 17 nm
Recharging time standard charger** 4-5 hours
Recharging time quick charger** 3-4 hours
Number of 12 volt 8-D batteries (245 Ah) 9 batteries
Battery bank voltage in total 108 vdc
Amps (maximum) 167 amps
Kilowatts (peak output kW rating) 29.4 kW
Kilowatts (continuous output kW rating) 17 kW
Charger Elcon PFC3000
Quick charger (optional) Elcon PFC4000


Genset kilowatt size (AC or DC)* 5 – 12 kW
Typical fuel tank capacity for genset (gallons) 50 gal
Cruising speed* 6 – 8 knots
Cruising time* 76 – 46 hours
Cruising range* 478 – 364 nm
Number of 12 volt 8-D batteries (245 Ah) 9 batteries
Battery bank voltage 108 vdc
Charger(s) required 1 – 2 chargers
Genset (continuous output rating) 12kW, 9kW, 6.8kW, 5.5kW


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Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 19 in